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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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The Xbox 360 program allows you to modify game images and all the data that is collected on the hard drive. It is usually used to unlock rewards and achievements. Horizon is one of the programs with the help of which developers install and develop mods in games on Xbox 360. In general, working with modifications is not one of the most necessary and fascinating functions that this application performs. But we'll talk about that later.


The main advantage of the Horizon program is the ability to work with the memory of the Xbox 360 video game console. In other words, it allows you to change game directories, modify certain system parts and much more. What is the purpose of this program? Basically, game lovers use this program to acquire specific resources in any of the games. Also, it can be used to "unlock" a particular level. In fact, it is nothing but a real cheat for the console allowing many times to simplify progress in any game. Of course, Horizon will only function on "broken" consoles containing Freeboot. In general, it is very difficult to connect the utility to the hard drive, that's why it is best to resort to using USB-drives and install all the desired games directly on it. The program includes contour profiles for rapid "hacking" of individual games. Most often the profiles work for the most common series of games like Forza, Assassin's Creed and the like. In addition, the application allows you to purchase achievements, with the help of which bonus points for your profile. There are also devices that help to modify the virtual avatar and customize the usual design theme Xbox. Horizon allows you to get new virtual rewards in two clicks and absolutely free to buy expensive skins. However, this is not all the fruitful activities of the Horizon program. Most often this program


Horizon has a rather simple and conscious graphical system. All the main actions are displayed in a separate subparagraph, and under each of them there is a special wizard acting step by step. It is worth focusing on the fact that before starting the activity user should get an account on the web site of the creator.

The main qualities

  • Hacking the game with the prospect of increasing the number of resources and gain access to new levels in it;
  • The presence of the necessary tools to customize the avatar and design;
  • Unlocking new achievements and getting new rewards;
  • Moving saves between consoles;
  • Working with storage devices.

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