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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Canva is a quite popular photo editor that has a web version. Therefore, if necessary, you can use the official site for processing. The program is very versatile, it allows you to create images of a wide variety of subjects. If you need a good photo editor that has a rich functionality, Canva is the best option.


First of all, the application is used to process personal photos. If you have taken some photo, you can easily process it. Just import it inside the editor, and use the available tools. It will take no more than ten minutes. But in doing so, the quality of the image will become much better. But Canva can also be suitable for those who want to create a postcard, or a booklet. Editors that would allow you to work with printed products, there are very few. Therefore, if you need to create a beautiful picture, the program Canva will be simply necessary. It is not necessary to have a unique picture, you can easily use a special internal library. In it you can find stock images for further processing.


To begin with, it's worth understanding that there are 2 categories of features. These are paid features, and free features. The paid ones will cost a certain amount of money, but you don't have to buy them. Even with the free features, there is plenty of room for the user to explore. First of all, Canva provides an opportunity to work with ready-made templates, frames and even small images. They can be selected from a special list and overlaid on the image. This is suitable both for processing ordinary photos and for creating booklets. Already thanks to this type of processing you can get quite good quality. But this is not all the possibilities. If you want to make the image even more beautiful, you can apply filters. With their help you can change the color gamut, and other parameters of the image. The resulting picture can be saved to the gallery, or posted on social networks. It supports: VK, OK, FB, Instagram and even twitter. You can also send a photo by email, or messenger.

Key features

  • There are tools that allow you to work with booklets, postcards and other products that will go to print;
  • There are plenty of templates, stickers and filters to process;
  • The resulting material can be quickly posted on social networks;
  • Very nice and modern interface;
  • Some features are only unlocked for money;
  • Works on android.
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