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Logitech Profiler

Logitech Profiler
Category: Customization
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Logitech Profiler is a program that configures the "computer" steering wheel and pedals. The utility controls peripherals that are connected to your computer. This version of the program is officially distributed and is used to control the Logitech G27. If necessary, you connect third-party models of "gaming peripherals" of this developer. In addition to this utility, there is a module that customizes the steering wheel. These functions and operations work in the universal program Logitech Gaming Software (lgs). The software is distributed under an official license and changes the connection settings of the G27 steering wheel and pedals and works with other Logitech models.


In Profiler, you adjust the "sensitivity" of the steering wheel and the kickback during collisions. You specify the delay before vibration, and activate the "rising" recoil effect. All settings and options for this peripheral are displayed with sliders and shown on their own panel. Customize the "action keys" using a separate panel on the handlebars. For each game, you "emulate" functions that turn on the "turn signals" and wipers, change camera position, display information in the HUD, and more. "Binding" to the physical keys and the use of auxiliary features is an important parameter that "emulates" the actions on the keyboard and allows you to abandon its features. The "G27" steering wheel is used by gamers to play high-level car simulators. The program helps to change the configuration for the steering wheel, set the "stroke" of the pedals and adjust their location. If necessary, use a separate section and change the parameters that provide customization of the functions responsible for the operation of the gearbox.


The Logitech Profiler program saves ready-made configurations and parameter sets. It provides quick mode switching for each key. Take advantage of individual profile activation in automatic mode by loading a specific game. Logitech Profiler is a handy and simple utility that is distributed for free, but it does not have Russian localization.

Key features

  • Controls and customizes the parameters of the steering wheel "G27" and third-party models;
  • installs a package of drivers for the correct operation of peripheral devices;
  • provides customization of "functions" to the keyboard keys;
  • the interface has a separate panel with pedal and gearbox configurations;
  • creation of profiles with parameters for individual games.
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