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System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Stratege is an application officially under the authority of the portal of the same name, which quickly established itself and became popular among fans of games for PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox consoles.

News part

The central window of the application contains all the news from the gaming sphere, which are updated on a regular basis and for ease of search are sorted by the relevant platforms. The news feed is updated on a daily basis. In addition to reading the informational part, Stratege users have the opportunity to comment, share with friends through social networks and messengers, as well as all the most interesting things to add to the "Favorites" folder. Of the disadvantages that have been noticed in the Stratege application of early versions for the android operating system, it should be noted some problems with video playback in the section "TV" news. But we can hope that the developers will quickly manage to fix this shortcoming.

Guides and Trophies

The app has a variety of achievements for a range of console games. In addition to information on the title, uniqueness and conditions for obtaining the rewards, there are tips on how to obtain them and information on difficulties that may arise during the process. There is also a section with guides to their origins and how to "pump up" heroes in games, a section with a special calendar announcing the release of each new game and an editorial review, a forum, user ratings and even a store. Stratege stores all history after viewing information from any category of material and has the ability to search posts by keyword phrases. The interface of the application is very simple and easy to use.

Important advantages

  • Gives the opportunity to always be aware of news that relate to console games;
  • Includes informational materials that are devoted to the projects of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo;
  • Contains instructions on how to play the games, a list of rewards and tips on how to get them;
  • Provides an opportunity to leave comments and communicate on the forum;
  • Has compatibility with all versions of android.

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