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VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player
Category: Players
System: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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VLC Media Player is a very convenient player of various media files. It will be useful to every user of a desktop computer, or laptop. After all, it can run videos and music with maximum comfort. Immediately it should be noted that the file is designed for the windows operating system. To install it, you need to have a version of XP, or later. Therefore, VLC Media Player can work on all current operating systems and on almost all computers. It is not demanding on the power of the device, so even the weakest computers will be able to run this player. Its main advantage is the presence of all codecs. The necessary packages will be installed together with the player. This saves the user from the need to search for packages and install them independently. Thanks to this, even a beginner will be able to install and use VLC Media Player. The VLC Media Player utility has a simple appearance. The interface is translated into Russian, and is made in a fairly standard version. But do not be upset, because if you want to make the appearance unusual, it is worth using the internal opportunities for customization. There are several options for skins, thanks to which the user can change the appearance of the player, making it more attractive. Another advantage of the application is the support of a large number of video formats, and audio. Some of them are very popular, and some are known only to a narrow group of people. Here you can read the installed f

Key Features

  • Distributed completely free of charge;
  • No need to download additional codec packs as they will be installed in the player from the start;
  • Can watch TV and listen to the radio;
  • Does video recording and creates screenshots;
  • Can work even with corrupted files.
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