Furby BOOM

Furby BOOM
Category: Other (Hobbies)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Furby BOOM is a fully entertaining segment of apps that is very similar to those Tamagotchis that everyone used to play decades ago. It has a very simple interface that will appeal to kids in their preschool years.

Modes of operation

Interaction with the client can be conducted in several ways. You can work both with the support of the Ferby toy, and without using it. If you work on the second option, then Furby Boom will offer the cultivation of furblings in a virtual format. It is worth noting that the game is not reduced to a simple observation, the user takes a direct part in it all. You need to feed them, take care of them and teach them, and if anything, even treat them or arrange a house for them. The kid will definitely like this toy. Thanks to the latest update, there is an opportunity to hatch virtual eggs, so the number of characters in the game is constantly increasing. By the way, the real Ferby can even memorize his name and sometimes even talk to the owner of the application.

Features of use

The Furby BOOM application provides the user with fundamentally new ferbies. In order to synchronize with older models, it is better to use the application Furby where there is no set-top box. If the pet was lost, the program can work without it. By the way, it is worth bearing in mind that some functions require payment, so that there were no accidental purchases, they can be disabled in the settings. Still, the main audience of the game - children, they do not always understand about purchases, so this function is here. Really interesting game, which many will seem to be a natural development of those games that many of us liked to play in childhood. Now it's time for our children to play similar games, fortunately, all this has become much more interesting.

Briefly about the app

  • The perfect toy for those who need to unwind, and who like fiddling with virtual pets;
  • You can play virtual games with ferbings;
  • Can interact with the real toy;
  • Can work with or without the toy itself;
  • The application has paid elements, payment can be disabled in the settings;
  • Works with any current version of Android;
  • Has a free distribution model.
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