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Mobileuncle MTK Tools

Mobileuncle MTK Tools
Category: Tools
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 2 657


Mobileuncle MTK Tools is a free utility that provides information viewing (monitoring) and manages connected devices on Android OS. The program includes a package of system tools that perform various operations on Android mobile devices.


By downloading and installing this software, you get access to auxiliary features and options by logging in as Administrator. Most of the "tools" that are included in Mobileuncle MTK Tools are designed for advanced users.


  • Display and collect information about your mobile device;
  • scan the system and view all processes;
  • detect suspicious software and viruses on the smartphone;
  • restore system files and download necessary services from the network;
  • creating a backup copy of "IMEI" in order to restore it in emergency cases;
  • manual firmware update of the mobile device;
  • search for GPS satellites and setting their parameters;
  • switching on, switching off and rebooting the device;
  • network selection and deactivation of a certain operator;
  • exporting the installed software to the SD-card of the device;
  • setting unlimited traffic on GPRS.
Before getting "admin rights", create an archive copy of the settings. After that, launch Mobileuncle MTK Tools and work in the Android OS shell. Backup data will come in handy for emergency restoration of settings and full operation of the device.


Mobileuncle MTK Tool works only with "devices" based on MediaTek chips. For full operation of the application and data processing, you will need "superuser rights" - ROOT rights. Without them, working with the software is not possible. "Hack" your smartphone and get "super rights" using Baidu Root or Root Genius.

Briefly about the app

  • the application has access to the "engineering mode" (Recovery);
  • collect complete information about the device;
  • export applications that are installed in the smartphone memory to a memory card;
  • the software works only with devices with MediaTek processors;
  • full-fledged operation requires "super rights";
  • the application has a function that displays the IMEI of the device;
  • built-in function for overclocking the processor of the mobile device;
  • shell and design of the application are localized into Russian;
  • runs on "past" versions of Android OS.
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