Category: Other (Hobbies)
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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ColorMinis is a special program that allows the user to have a little fun by coloring various models and figures. It is worth noting that this is an unusual coloring program. There are no standard pixels in it, so the process of drawing will be much more complex and enjoyable. In addition, the user can make an image of much higher quality. The only disadvantage is the excessive complexity, because of which ColorMinis is not suitable for young children. If you want to occupy your child with interesting coloring, this program is clearly not suitable for this. Not only because of the complexity, but also because of the lack of models for children. This application is designed specifically for cell phones based on the android operating system. Most of the models will be available for free. But still, some coloring will have to buy for real money. As a rule, more beautiful images will be paid.

How to use coloring

ColorMinis will be interesting for teenagers and adults, as all characters have been taken from various movies, TV series, anime, manga and other genres of TV series, as well as other genres. It is possible to choose a character in a special catalog. Once selected, the user can start the coloring process. You will get into the editor that allows you to overlay colors on various details. Even the smallest parts can be changed. The image can be colored uniformly, or very detailed. The main feature of the program is that in it you can choose not only the color, but also various details. For example, you can apply color to some part of the image, and choose the type of coating. It can be latex, inherent in superheroes, ordinary fabric and much more. It is also possible to choose the type of lighting. In essence, this game is very similar to creating a sculpture. However, you do not need to create anything, because the program provides a lot of ready-made textures.


This application is a regular coloring game that can entice any user for many hours. It is worth noting that you will have to get used to the process of drawing, because it is quite complex.

Key features

  • Allows you to paint models available in a special catalog;
  • After finishing the work, you will be able to take a picture;
  • Controls fabric type, lighting and other parameters;
  • The editor will be understandable on an intuitive level;
  • Works on almost all android versions.
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