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System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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GameKiller is a program for bypassing game resources and "cheating". The software is designed for gamers who cheat and improve their profile in the game. GameKiller provides mining of "game money", resources and experience. Take advantage of this software and replenish in-game currency. The program simplifies the extraction of resources and real money in the game, and also allows you to reduce the time spent on searching for information. The software provides access to in-game items and "scoring" experience. Using this utility, you will "hack" the game on OS Android. "Cheater" features and functions are available on devices that work on the rights of "superuser".

General information and functionality

Every gamer wants to gain experience faster and mine the maximum level in the game. It takes time to achieve this goal. Many players have difficulties on passing the boss or the final level. In strategies, you spend a lot of resources to build a building, earning coins for several days. To quickly upgrade structures, you do not need to waste your nerves and time when there is GameKiller. The software works on mobile platforms and is an analog of Lucky Patcher. The application provides a search for vulnerabilities in the game, reading information from the running game. After hacking the "toy" you can change the parameters as you like. For example, you need to get 100 gold coins to buy a new level of uniforms, and you do not want to waste time. Full or partial hack the game is available after the following series of operations. After launching GameKiller, you need to minimize the software. Then open the game, earn gold coins or money, and then go to the "hacker" and enter the current data. Then write the amount of money you need. Wait a little while the software checks the game and shows the necessary currency. As described above, for the full operation of the GameKiller program, you need Root rights on your mobile device. In normal mode, your device will refuse to work with this "tool".


GameKiller, like many programs, is equipped with a simple and convenient interface without advertising and other data. "Cracker" is created according to a standard template and contains a panel of parameters, selection of the necessary game in the form of a selector, as well as buttons that provide quick movement between functions and values.

Key features

  • hacking of many popular games;
  • the software works even on older versions of OS Android;
  • "tool" functions on mobile devices with Root rights;
  • quick configuration of parameters - currency, experience and other resources;
  • search is created simply and practically with a selector to choose the game to be "hacked";
  • there are no ads in the program, and it is distributed on a free license;
  • the application is not available in the market - installation is available only from APK.
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