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System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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FindNow is a special program that can be useful for every family. Thanks to this application, you can always be aware of where your relatives and friends are. The main thing is to have the utility installed on their cell phone. This may be required for parents, married couples and even friends. Working with FindNow is very easy, so even inexperienced users will be able to understand it.


First of all, you need to download and register in the application. To do this, you need to use your cell phone number. After that, you can mark other FindNow users whose location you want to track. If a person is in the program's network, other participants will be able to see his exact location. And if the user is offline, the app will show the person's last location. The program allows you to truly keep track of your near and dear ones. But will also be able to keep track of your movements as well. If the application comes from an unknown user, it can be rejected at any time. There's also a subscription list where you can see a list of all the people you can follow. You can easily edit it if you want.


The program does not allow you to track any person. The program does not allow you to track anyone, because tracking requires a mandatory FindNow member confirmation. Without such confirmation, tracking will be simply impossible. Another limitation is that the user must have FindNow installed on his cell phone. Without it, it will not be possible to register in the network, so tracking will be impossible. A significant disadvantage of the program is the presence of a paid version. And its purchase is really important, because the free version does not have a huge number of useful features. Therefore, if you use the utility to track the location of your children, husband, or elderly parents, be sure to buy the premium version of FindNow. It will be a justified decision.

Key Features

  • You can watch the location of your near and dear ones;
  • There is an option to block tracking yourself, or give away the rights to do so;
  • One can look at the user's movement history;
  • There is a tool to manage your subscriptions;
  • Easy customization right after installation;
  • Simple and attractive interface;
  • Works on almost all versions of android.

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