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Full Screen Caller ID

Full Screen Caller ID
Category: Tools
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Full Screen Caller ID is a software for Android gadgets that allows you to show caller's photo in full screen mode. The software helps to adjust the missed call notifications. The program replaces the classic screen when a call comes in. The utility is capable of displaying the caller's picture on the full screen. In addition, the application adjusts the animation and appearance of the buttons to answer the call or reset it.

Uploading images

Initially, you need to select a preset for incoming calls from strangers. The program includes a number of cool files with the extension .gif, which depict unusual people. If the user has a desire, he can use his own background. Then it is necessary to load pictures of people who most often communicate with the user on the smartphone. If the phone book already contains the desired pictures, the program will automatically access them. Unfortunately, the content in most cases is loaded in poor resolution. And because of the insignificant detail of the picture in full screen mode, it looks poor quality.


  • activation of full-screen notification for e-mail and SMS;
  • download files from local storage;
  • synchronization with Facebook accounts for autoloading avatars;
  • font and color settings for notifications;
  • voicing the name of the person calling the user;
  • generating a backup copy of data and configurations, as well as moving the file to the memory of the mobile device;
  • blacklisting numbers.


Full Screen Caller ID is distributed on a royalty-free basis, although it has quite extensive capabilities. The software product successfully functions on devices running the Android operating system. In addition, the software recognizes all sorts of firmware.

Distinctive features

  • Full-screen demonstration of a snapshot of the person who calls the user;
  • integration with social networks to add avatars;
  • customization of signals about incoming messages to the phone and letters to e-mail;
  • a wide range of skins and background presets;
  • support for current editions of Android OS;
  • free download and use of the utility.

Additional information

  • manufacturer: Christophe Nys;
  • compatible with OS versions: 4.0.3 and higher;
  • Russian client: available;
  • distribution: free.
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