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Number Coloring

Number Coloring
Category: Other (Graphics)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Number Coloring contains virtual illustrations that you have to color by numbers. If it's too early to go to bed and you don't have the energy to read a book or watch a movie, this virtual coloring game designed for Android devices will help you. It will help you spend time before bedtime with useful.

Coloring functionality

Number Coloring does not have any special novelties of virtual illustrations for coloring. The built-in library gives free access to only a small part of the images. To get access to the rest of the materials, the user will have to buy a subscription. Pictures for coloring are characterized by standard themes: there are smiles, fruits, mythical animals, sweets and other familiar illustrations. To color the selected picture, use the palette, in which all the colors are numbered. It appears automatically when you open any picture. The finished result of the work can be uploaded to the gallery of your mobile device or share it on Instagram or Facebook.

Disadvantages of the application

Unfortunately, not all virtual coloring books can boast of having a delayed editing function. And the mobile program "Number Coloring" also does not have it. Having started the process of coloring this or that image, you will need to finish what you started, because then the work can not be completed - it simply will not be saved. However, the drawing can not always be finished also because of internal "bugs" of the program. Users write a lot of negative feedback about the fact that it often "crashes", and the palette even stops working. The client has to be restarted, and the result is lost.

Key options

  • contains simple images that need to be colored by numbers;
  • the client will be interesting for both children and adults;
  • the program is not equipped with tools that allow you to save an unfinished drawing;
  • the finished result can be quickly shared on social networks;
  • works on all new Android gadgets;
  • the application is not always stable;
  • to get access to all drawings, you need to subscribe for a fee;
  • the interface is designed in a very clear way.
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