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System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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BlockLauncher is a mobile client that gives you the ability to install mods in Minecraft.

Target audience

This launcher will be very useful to those users who love to play the famous Minecraft, using their mobile device on the Android platform. If you can be attributed to such users, be sure to download BlockLauncher from our website (you will find the link below the article). The program is available for free download. It works even on outdated versions of Android (2.3), which is its undoubted plus.

Features of functionality

In the application "BlockLauncher" a variety of modifications become available to you. The program will help you bring variety to the standard Minecraft Pocket Edition, giving you the opportunity to install add-ons that have been released by third-party developers. Unfortunately, here you can not familiarize yourself with the full list of supported mods. The only way to check compatibility is to install the necessary mod yourself. If this does not work, you can conclude that this modification is not suitable, and you should download something else. The application has a lot of useful features that make the gameplay as comfortable as possible. It helps the user:
  • install a variety of textures and scripts that are displayed when the game starts;
  • set up various configurations before starting;
  • enter the IP address of the desired server and promptly connect to it.
As an additional functionality should be noted the ability to customize graphics. You can increase or decrease its quality (the latter will be useful to owners of low-power devices). Even a beginner will be able to customize the application, as all settings here are maximally automated.


The client does not work on some models of Android devices, but the full list of such devices is not presented here. If you are launching a game of Minecraft for the first time, remember: first download the game itself, and only then install the Launcher.

Important options

  • allows you to install mods and other add-ons for Minecraft;
  • there is no list of supported modifications;
  • works on outdated Android gadgets;
  • has a toolkit for changing the quality of graphics;
  • there is Russian localization.
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