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Cisco VPN Client

Cisco VPN Client
Category: VPN
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Cisco VPN Client is a program that provides creation and protection of IPSec tunnel. Developers of the equipment - Cisco company - have created a software to control the traffic and its transmission between the user and the remote server. Cisco VPN Client reliably protects the channel with transmitted data and uploads them to the remote server. The program uses "VPN" and active site traversal through a virtual network. Use this "tool" and configure routers, switches and other "network" devices, bypassing the installed protection. Virtual network creation is automatic, so the user does not need to specify additional parameters and settings.


The client provides remote server maintenance. The program is equipped with features that configure the device with Unified Client Framework support. In the graphical interface of the client there are no complex settings and menus that interfere with the full configuration and protection of the equipment. Cisco VPN Client has settings for all equipment that is on the "network". Manage routers, modems and routers using a practical manager that performs automatic login and manages user certificates. The graphical shell of the client is designed for inexperienced users and contains a convenient menu. The software supports the entry of "keys" on a flash drive and smart cards. USB-keys provide protection of information on the remote server. New "builds" of Cisco VPN Client upload "VPN" configurations from the gateway. Using this feature, you ensure the security and easy operation of the system.


The program works on old and new generation Windows OS. Owners of computers with Windows 10 OS encounter problems during operation. If you install the client on Windows 7, use administrator rights. The software is not localized into Russian.

Key features

  • Configuring and setting up a network for a secure IPSec tunnel;
  • the program is distributed as an official "product" of Cisco;
  • the software supports two-factor login;
  • supports most models of network equipment;
  • the client settings have parameters for servicing via a remote server.

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