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HD Graphics Tool

HD Graphics Tool
Category: Utilities for games
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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HD GraphicsTool is a special application that will come in handy for those who play the Android version of the famous game PlayerUnknown's Battleground, also commonly known as PUBG. With the help of this tool you can change the graphics parameters in the game, getting the highest quality that the portable device can give, or lower the quality of settings, if the device is poorly pulling graphics, so it can help to start playing better, if the game is constantly stuck.


Everything here is as simple as possible. HD GraphicsTool is enough to download and install. After that you need to go into it and select one of the presets, it is quite clear by the name what each of them is responsible for, but just in case we will explain. Low Graphics will minimize all effects, and HD ULTRA Graphics will maximize these effects. In fact, the last option is the ability to bring the settings to the level that is currently available in the game client. It's worth keeping in mind that before you can use the program, you'll need to log out of PUBG itself.

Interesting features

However, despite the ULTRA setting, some variations are possible in it. For example, you can disable the shadow in it, and this does not contradict its functionality, because it is this drawing very much loads the processor of the device, while very slightly improving the picture on the screen, and certainly does not affect the quality of the game. Personally, we highly recommend to use this feature even on the best and most powerful smartphones, because no processor can work in this mode for a long time. By the way, you can cancel the changes at any time using the DefaultGraphics parameter. This is very convenient, if you suddenly need to give the processor a rest, or still - the minimum settings did not impress and decided to change them. Besides, in general, this button is necessary, because some people may need to return to the initial version of the game.

Briefly about the application

  • You can crank to the max, or minimize the graphical settings in PUBG android version;
  • Very simple interface;
  • At max settings you can disable shadows, which is highly recommended;
  • All changes are undone in one click;
  • Works with any version of the client of the popular toy;
  • Download and use is completely free.

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