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Canon Service Tool

Canon Service Tool
Category: Print
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Canon Service Tool is a utility that "removes" the absorbent swab account on printers. Use this software and replace the factory cartridge with one that has been refilled more than once. Canon Service Tool is a program that "resets" the counter for the "pad" and provides access to the service operations of Canon printers. This utility does not need to be installed, and its operation is popular among users of inkjet-based printers. If you don't have this software, you'll have to take your printing device to the nearest service center and pay money to "reset" the cartridge. Download this utility and use it for free. The software is portable, so you can store it on a flash drive or a third-party external disk. There is no Russian language in the interface of the program.


Without resetting the absorber, you will not be able to install a "factory" cartridge. Most inkjet printers are equipped with a safety feature. It uses a special mechanism that blocks the printer when the ink exhaust indicator is full to capacity. In fact, the printer "finds" the cartridge, but it does not work under standard conditions. All of the indicator settings are in the cartridge EEPROM and in the printer. When the EEPROM is overwritten, the parameters are reset. Canon Service Tool provides "zeroing" of the cartridge and full operation of the cartridge, which is refilled more than once. In the software there are auxiliary functions that are used by employees of service centers. They repair printing devices through this utility, and for the average user it is useful only for "zeroing" the cartridge.


Canon Service Tool is suitable for resetting the cartridge parameters of many printers. You can "zero" the iP1900, iP2600, iP3600 and other devices. All printers and MFPs, reset automatically. If you have not "reset" the cartridge, you need to reinstall the printer software. The utility works on OS Windows XP, as well as newer versions of the system, including the current OS Windows 10.

Key features

  • zeroing of parameters for "pampers" on inkjet printers and MFPs;
  • The utility has special functions that will be useful for service center employees;
  • the program detects all devices that are included in the list of supported Canon devices;
  • the software works on old and new "builds" of Windows OS;
  • the program is distributed in portable mode and does not need to be installed on a computer.
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