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System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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Xmodgames is a "cheating" application that provides hacking of game resources of mobile games. Almost every gamer uses this application or a similar utility. Xmodgames modifies the game mechanics by adding "advantages" artificially. Through this tool, you can multiply experience, gold or make modifications to the game using other techniques. By using this software, you get an advantage when playing in multiplayer mode. If necessary, you can create more simple conditions for the passage of the game company. The software is very easy to use and allows you to work with mods that are installed in the game on OS Android. The graphical interface of the application is created in a simple shell with a practical menu.

General information and functionality

Most new generation games have changed format from the interesting story of single-player campaigns to online battles that take place in a fast-paced mode. This is bad news for some gamers, but developers believe that if a game's campaign mode is developed, why not develop other modes. Online games have literally filled mobile digital distribution stores. We should not forget that in games with online battles you can "cheat". If you want to become an advanced gameplay hacker, use Xmodgames. By downloading this "tool", you get a plugin with a user-friendly interface for games, which makes it easier to improve characters and general resources of the game. Using Xmodgames, you will add gold coins, diamonds or third-party currency. If necessary, you will speed up the time to get a certain skill or upgrade your game character when you lack the necessary experience. Using this hacker, remember that unauthorized access through tools to "tweak" resources and other features may entail a "ban" from the creators of the game.


The graphical shell of Xmodgames is designed simply and is divided into tabs "My Games", "Mod", "Script" and "More". In the first tab you will find all the games that are installed on your mobile. In the second section, you can "patch" a game that you customize and activate without problems. Using the "Script" section, you will run LUA scripts for additional features. The "More" and "Features" tabs provide customization and display additional software data.

Key features

  • the program has a practical graphical environment with Russian language;
  • for "hacking" on your device must have "superuser" rights;
  • activation of "cheats" in games that support multiplayer;
  • convenient switching to mods or scripts for games;
  • "high level of hacking" threatens to receive a "ban" from the creators of the project.
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