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Google Apps Installer

Google Apps Installer
Category: Markets
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 49 294


Google Apps Installer is an application for portable devices running on the Android platform, which is used to install services from Google.


It is worth considering that this software is not official and is created by a third-party developer. The utility is designed only for portable gadgets manufactured by Meizu. On some devices of this company from the Celestial Empire there are no such services from Google, such as maps, store and others. Without Play Market you can download these applications, but it should be noted that it is a very complicated process. The perfect solution to this problem can be Google Apps Installer. The application allows you to download the necessary services from Google in just one tap and use them without any restrictions.


If the device already has basic services from Google, the software will offer the user to denstall them or restore the missing software from the specified developer. During the tests, all the functionality of the utility worked properly. The software does help to download the software from Google, which is necessary for full operation. Despite the fact that the software was originally developed only for devices manufactured by Meizu, but it is perfectly compatible with other devices. The attention of users is served by the fact that the developers categorically do not recommend uninstalling the installed services from Google, because the operating system of the gadget can fail.


  • Ability to install all necessary Google services;
  • is not official software and is developed by a third-party company;
  • Full uninstallation and restoration of applications from Google;
  • initially the software was created for portable gadgets Meizu, but it functions correctly on other devices;
  • availability of Russian-language localization of the interface;
  • Superuser rights are not required for installation;
  • distributed on a free basis;
  • support for all current versions of the Android operating system, starting from 4.4 and higher.
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