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List am

List am
Category: Services
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 12 795


List am is a mobile client for portable devices running on Android OS, which is actually the largest bulletin board in Armenia. Users of the utility have access to:
  • browsing ads;
  • search for goods by categories;
  • placing their own items for sale.
The main feature of the mobile client is the sale and purchase of absolutely any goods, from clothes to real estate. Also through this portal you can place vacancies to find a job or watch relevant ads for hiring employees. The interface of the utility is extremely simple and practically does not differ from competitors: similar menu items, identical buttons and transitions, phone numbers and other additional details. It is worth noting that even a novice user will understand the design. The utility is distributed on a free basis, but it has paid elements of "reputation", which allow you to promote ads for certain queries in the top, and at the same time - to put a mark "Urgent" to fuel interest from potential buyers. It is worth canceling that paid services are not expensive, and yet because of the influx of competition, sometimes pay sometimes banal pathetic - "urgent" here through one.

Accurate search for goods

This utility allows you to customize the issuance of ads by several criteria at once. Users can enter a request in text format, and then refine it through various filters, among which can be found:
  • Category;
  • publication time;
  • type of seller (legal entity or individual);
  • price range;
  • availability of photos.
It is worth noting that you can place your positions only after authorization with a cell phone number.


  • Access to the largest free classifieds board in Armenia;
  • search for positions is possible in two ways: by search query or by set criteria;
  • Possibility to add ads for sale;
  • support for various categories of goods, from consumer goods to real estate;
  • simple and easy-to-understand interface;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • compatible with all current versions of Android OS starting from 5.0 or later.
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