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Meizu App Store

Meizu App Store
Category: Markets
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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Meizu App Store is a software that is actually a large-scale application store with the ability to download a variety of software for free. This version of the utility is designed for portable Android devices. Every day, the application indexes a huge amount of software from Google Play to provide its users with the most popular for the day or for all time. Now the user does not need to look for something to pass the evening with - the software will make this choice itself.


Four main categories are implemented in the software:
  • recommendations;
  • best;
  • games;
  • wallpapers.
The presence of a large number of subparts in each of the above sections will help to significantly narrow down the search. This approach makes it possible to search for interesting software by a certain type. This will be very useful if the user knows what type of application he needs, but can not remember the exact name. It is worth noting that the application also has a search box where you can enter:
  • part of the name;
  • keyword;
  • something generalized.
Having analyzed the information, the application will show all the software that meets the request. Users can learn about the most popular games and programs from a large number of TOPs.


This store is almost identical to the regular Play Market. Among the differences it is worth noting the lack of registration, as well as the nuances of settings and a number of other parameters. Meizu App Store will be a great solution for those users who do not use the regular application to download Google software. In the "Wallpapers" tab, users can choose pictures that will allow you to transform the screen of the device. It is worth noting that there is no such category in Play Market.


  • The ability to download a variety of software to a portable device;
  • all content is provided completely free of charge;
  • most utilities are copied directly from Play Market;
  • presence of Russian-language localization of the interface;
  • distributed on a free basis;
  • supports all current versions of Android OS, starting from 5.0 and higher.
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