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YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced
Category: Services
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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YouTube Vanced is a modified application of the popular video hosting service. This version of the utility is designed for portable devices on the Android platform. Unlike the official application has more advanced functionality.

How is it different?

The most important distinguishing feature of this utility from the standard client is the complete absence of advertising in any of its manifestations. Yes, some traces remain, for example, yellow marks on the playback bar, but this does not affect the viewing. Also, there are no more restrictions on resolutions - you can watch clips in 2K quality. It is also worth noting the ability to run background playback of content, but the official client does not allow you to do this.

Functionality available to the user

  • Disabling watermarks on video clips;
  • Magnification of the image through the typical movement of fingers on the screen;
  • availability of a dark design theme;
  • selection of video playback speed.

Additional features

This utility has a very extensive functionality, among which it is worth noting:
  • VP9 Codec activation. This function allows you to improve the quality of videos and save megabytes;
  • launching in forced HDR mode;
  • selecting a minimalist style of content playback;
  • start subtitles in automatic mode in case of complete mute.
This utility is very different from the official YouTube client and has quite a few pluses on its background. It is worth noting that it is absolutely not necessary to grant "Superuser" rights to use the software.


  • The ability to watch videos from the largest video hosting service without annoying advertising content;
  • The ability to choose a design theme;
  • Ability to remove watermarks from videos;
  • the ability to choose the playback speed;
  • the ability to play videos in the background;
  • the ability to start subtitles in automatic mode when the sound is turned off;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • support for all current versions of Android OS.
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