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System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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Anistar is an application with which you can browse "anime content". The software is equipped with a full-featured search. Watch popular series "directly" using a mobile device with Android OS. Anistar is created with a convenient graphical environment. The application shell does not contain complex tools. In its own content base there is a large "media library" with a choice of voiceovers and subtitles. All the tools of the application are placed on the main panel, so it is not difficult to understand even an inexperienced user.


If you are a fan of Japanese animation, then this application is for you. Viewing "anime" on special resources is not quite practical. On sites for mobile devices, you choose the necessary content, which is divided into categories. Portable devices are constantly developing. On smartphones and tablets, applications for quick access to content are constantly released. Use the Anistar app to watch your favorite "anime".


The main disadvantage of Anistar is the lack of a function for downloading series for later viewing on the device. Install the software aniBreak the Anistar mobile version has a function for downloading files to the device's memory. In addition to this drawback, the mobile version of Anistar contains convenient tools for watching videos. In the software, you get access to cartoons "anime" of Japanese production. If necessary, you can search for files using several ways. Anistar is equipped with categories divided into genres, in which you select novelties that you have not yet watched. Enter the name of the "anime" video using a special form, and then click the "Search" button. The application has additional features that allow you to follow the release of new series. If you can not decide which application is better - aniBreak and Anistar, then stop at the first, because it has more functions. For fans of animation of Japanese origin there is an application Amino which is designed as a client for a social network.

Key features

  • convenient viewing of "anime" on a mobile device;
  • for the application requires the Internet;
  • the software can not download series in the memory of the device;
  • the application is equipped with a large database of "anime", with sorting by section;
  • there are notifications about the release of new series;
  • simple and clear graphical shell;
  • the software runs on OS Android of the new generation.
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