Category: Automation
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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UoPilot is a program that provides automatic "clicks". This software does not require installation and allows you to work with scripts. UoPilot is most often used by gamers. Using this program, you can automate frequent "clicking" in certain programs and games.


This "clicker" replaces a number of repetitive actions that can be done automatically while working with your computer. If you are an avid gamer, this program is for you. By installing UoPilot, you will save your time and automate the process of frequent "clicking". UoPilot is suitable for fans of browser and client games. The clicker simplifies the collection of virtual resources and provides protection from enemy attacks in automatic mode. Do not forget that game creators can "ban" you after excessive "clicking". Use this program, but without "fanaticism" or you may get restricted to use the game, or even worse you will be blocked in the entertainment. Use UoPilot, you risk being blacklisted as a user. Work with the "clicker" at will and be on the lookout not to be left without an account to the game.

Controlling the clicker

The program starts to work fully after "training". You need to assign different commands and repeat them until the software memorizes the sequence of actions and starts performing them automatically. To create an "automatic clicker" it is desirable to know the basics of scripting. If you know the principle of scripting, it will be easier to work with the program. UoPilot is designed for inexperienced users, so you don't need to be a genius to use the program. Go online and find scripts that are a template, then copy them into the program. "Having "learned" the commands, UoPilot will be able to work using shortcuts. For its full operation, you need to customize the buttons and save them.

Key features

  • the program can be downloaded for free;
  • clicker "automates" actions, after customization;
  • in the software you can specify quick buttons that play ready-made scripts;
  • the program supports work with many created scripts;
  • the interface contains a large number of tools that are located in a window with auxiliary parameters;
  • full-fledged work with the software will be available to users who can create scripts or know the basic concepts of their creation.
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