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CWM Recovery

CWM Recovery
Category: Tools
System: Android 2.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 22 212


CWM Recovery is a unique mobile client with which you can change the system settings of your portable device in the Recovery menu. This version of the utility is designed for devices based on the Android operating system. The "Recovery" section is in any device and is located in a lower program level relative to the OS itself. In fact, this is the primary entry point at the start of the gadget, the purpose of which is to clean the cache, create a backup and actions related to the firmware of the portable device. The main feature of the mobile client is the ability to manage the system menu directly from the operating system without first rebooting the device and entering it.


  • Activation of Recovery updates via On the Air;
  • Re-flashing Recovery;
  • Backup and restore firmware and individual memory areas of the device (system, settings, applications and data);
  • flashing the device from external media (usually sd-card);
  • system reset to factory settings;
  • downloading firmware installation images via the World Wide Web;
  • connection to PC via USB in removable storage mode;
  • formatting the external media and internal memory and segmenting into partitions.
Unfortunately for users, this software interacts correctly only on a limited list of devices. You can familiarize yourself with the full list of supported portable devices on the developer's web resource. Using the utility on a phone that is not on the list can lead to its complete failure.


  • Ability to modify Recovery;
  • no reboot of the portable device is required;
  • Superuser rights are required for the application to work correctly;
  • Ability to format external drives;
  • has a simple and easy-to-use interface;
  • is distributed free of charge;
  • works only on a limited list of portable devices;
  • installation on an unsupported device will damage it.
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