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Category: Taxis and rides
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 12 089


TDbyZooMMaX is a fraudulent software designed to hack the Troika transportation card. This program is designed for portable devices based on Android OS. According to the developers, thanks to this software, users can replenish the account of the transport card and fully travel on public transport without spending a penny.


After completing the installation, you need to enter the utility and attach the transportation card to the smartphone. Then on the screen of the device will appear detailed information, including the state of the balance, the time of the last pass and more. All information read from the Troika card will be automatically uploaded to the archive. The archive folder icon is located at the bottom right of the working area. To write a dump to the media, you need to select a file from the archive and click on the corresponding entry, the icon of which is located to the left of the archive.

How to avoid blocking

A strong recommendation from the developers is not to deposit more than 100 rubles. It is allowed to make a number of recharges of 99 rubles, but it is not recommended to exceed this threshold. It is also strictly forbidden to use underground electric transport at the same time. After recording the dump, it is necessary to use the validator in ground transportation. This action will update the time on the card. It is worth noting that if you neglect these rules, then there is a high probability of complete blocking of the card, and forever.


  • This software is fraudulent and the user is responsible for its use;
  • You can top up your Troika transportation card without spending a penny;
  • to avoid being blocked, it is strongly recommended to follow a number of rules;
  • before each passage in underground electric transport, you must make a debit via a yellow validator in a streetcar or trolleybus;
  • the recommended maximum recharge amount is 100 rubles;
  • NFC module is mandatory;
  • distributed free of charge;
  • supports all modern versions of the Android operating system.
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