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M3U8 Loader

M3U8 Loader
Category: Converters
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 7 296


M3U8 Loader is a utility for downloading files from m3u8 list with the possibility of their further conversion to mp4 format. This version of the software is designed for Android devices.


To download the clip of interest, the user must specify:
  • m3u8 address;
  • file name.
It is worth noting that the name should be without any extensions, because the utility will automatically add the signature .mp4. Then, focusing on the power of the smartphone and the speed of the network connection, the user should specify the number of streams. The ideal number is 10 streams, in other words, simultaneously start downloading 10 files from the list. After the download is over, the next package will automatically start downloading. Among the additional features should be noted the availability of selecting a specific directory in the memory of the smartphone or removable storage for downloading and saving files.


It is worth noting that Wi-Fi connection is not required for downloading files; the utility works with mobile Internet as well. It is worth noting that the user will not receive any warnings regarding traffic consumption. The developers claim that they are not responsible for lost traffic or money from the mobile number. All responsibility for the use of megabytes lies only on the users. One more warning - it is necessary to clean the temporary folder very carefully, because it can be completely deleted with all its contents.


  • Ability to download files with m3u8 extension and then convert them to mp4 format;
  • downloading can be done with the help of mobile internet, but the user should carefully monitor the traffic consumption;
  • the possibility of simultaneous downloading of several files, it should be noted that the optimal number is 10;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • supports all current versions of Android OS starting from 5.0.
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