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AC Market

AC Market
Category: Markets
System: Android 4.4.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 4 233


AC Market is a market of modified, adapted and hacked software. Users can download a variety of utilities, as well as their subsequent use without registration and entry of personal data. To each client presented, upgrades are constantly released, which each user can download without restrictions. This version of the utility is designed for portable devices based on Android.


Downloading software is performed without any kind of restrictions. In fact, the utility is an alternative to Play Market, but at the same time gives its users more opportunities and greatly simplifies interaction with a portable device. All software downloaded from AC Market is maximally adapted for the convenience of users. Here the library is almost identical to Play Market. It is also worth noting that the utility has a very similar interface to the standard service.


Before interacting with the service, the user must give the utility access to photos, multimedia, calls and files. Once this happens, you can safely proceed to full interaction. For ease of navigation, the marketplace implements categories and a search bar - all located on the home page. In the list of categories you can find:
  • main;
  • mods;
  • appendices;
  • books;
  • games;
  • Я.
In the last section, users can make an account and also launch additional functionality - "System Cleaner" and "Virus Scan". Users can also:
  • formalize VIP status;
  • write reviews;
  • share the application and so on.
The application is implemented in Russian, so there should be no problems with its mastering.


  • Market, on the pages of which you can find modified, adapted and hacked software;
  • analog of Play Market, but with more advanced functionality;
  • software downloaded from the service does not require registration;
  • the presence of categories and a convenient search bar;
  • presence of advertising content, which can be disabled by purchasing VIP status;
  • does not require Superuser rights;
  • Russian-language interface localization;
  • distributed on a free basis;
  • support for modern versions of Android OS.
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