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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Navionics is a mobile client whose target audience is sailors, fishermen and boaters. In fact, it is a large navigation complex that significantly covers fishing and orientation on the water. This version of the software is designed for portable gadgets on the Android OS platform. The application boasts an up-to-date and available marine program and, according to the developers, everything will be constantly replenished and updated. The utility has a map describing the boundaries of water and land, which displays useful information layers with a variety of icons and symbols. Filters are implemented, by means of which the map will display:
  • depth of the water body;
  • direction of current trajectories;
  • markings of fish spawning (by species), etc.
The main feature of the software is that all available layers are the result of the work of all users who regularly add to the list of maps. The application has its own group of admirers, who are engaged in the study of water surfaces with an echo sounder, then enter the collected information on the map, and subsequently upload it to the database. Another feature of the utility is the ability to save routes (passed and planned), by means of tags on the map or GPS coordinates. Users can share their routes with friends, as well as see the most popular destinations in their region.


  • The target audience of the app is fishermen, boaters and sailors;
  • availability of maps of seas, rivers, lakes and other water bodies;
  • the ability to get up-to-date information about currents, tides and currents;
  • availability of a personal virtual logbook;
  • there is a wind forecast;
  • the purpose of the utility is to simplify navigation on water;
  • the ability to save directions, as well as watch the most popular ones in the region;
  • simple and extremely convenient user interface;
  • distributed on free licenses;
  • supports all current versions of the Android operating system.
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