TLauncher PE

TLauncher PE
Category: Utilities for games
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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TLauncher PE is a software whose target audience is fans of the game Minecraft. With the utility, users have access to a vast library of various modifications, add-on, new textures, skins, weapons and maps for the mobile version of the game Minecraft. This solution is designed for portable Android-based gadgets. To install and use the mod to the game, the user needs to find the appropriate page with the add-on and download it. Further from the user will not require any actions, since the modification is performed in automatic mode. The main feature of the utility - all available content the user can download and install completely free of charge, since it is developed by other users. Minecraft PE is one of the most popular games around the world, so the number of available mods is only growing every day. Among the interesting features of the software, it is worth noting that the developers regularly upload compilations with the addresses of servers that meet the established criteria. You can connect to one of the servers directly from the interface of the utility. For the correct operation of the utility, it is necessary to have a client of the game Minecraft Pocket Edition installed on the portable device. TLauncher with mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition is constantly being developed: defects are fixed and functionality is expanded.


  • Extensive database of add-ons for the game Minecraft Pocket Edition;
  • is not an official application;
  • availability of maps, skins, textures and much more;
  • most of the mods support all versions of the game software;
  • it is necessary to install Minecraft Pocket Edition on a portable device;
  • daily addition of various modifications;
  • simple and convenient user interface;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • support for all modern versions of Android OS.
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