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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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XSMART is a utility that provides access to viewing resources on devices that support the Smart TV function. The software is focused on media players and Android-based TVs. It can be controlled via portable devices.

Supported devices

Supported TV companies include:
  • Samsung;
  • LG;
  • SHARP;
  • Toshiba;
  • Polaroid;
  • Telefunken.
Among other things, support for various devices that run on the Android platform, including Android TV, is implemented. There is also the possibility of using some media players such as AURA, DUNE and MAG. Now users do not need a large amount of different software to watch movies or IP-TV channels and listen to music. All this and much more is collected in one application. In order to take advantage of all its benefits, the user will only need to press the remote control button.


In fact, XSMART is an internet-catalog, on the pages of which you can find information about movies, TV series, directors and cast. The developers assure that all the information is taken from open sources and is presented only for familiarization, because the attitude to the observance of copyright is very serious. If a violation is noticed, users can always write to the support service via email, which is specified in the corresponding section. As for the timeframe for consideration of the complaint, it is one working day. If the application is sent on a weekend or a holiday, then the consideration will take longer. It is worth noting that if the fact of copyright infringement is confirmed, the developers will immediately block the link in the utility catalog.


  • Opens access to information about movies, TV shows, series, directors and actors;
  • all information is provided for informational purposes only;
  • video materials placed in the catalog have different formats and resolutions;
  • in case of copyright infringement the user can write a corresponding letter to the support service;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • all current versions of Android OS are supported.
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