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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Mach3 is a program that provides control of CNC machines. This software is suitable for devices of different profiles.


Mach3 is a narrowprofile program that is needed by specialists in a specific area. The software is used to work with CNC machines. In this software you can control machines of different types of specialization. By installing Mach3, you will make from your computer "control point", which will facilitate work with the machine and automate the process of setting certain functions.

Technical Features

Mach3 has several features. This program does not require a lot of space on your computer's hard drive. To install the software, you need only 1 GB of unoccupied space on the computer partition, as well as a little more than 500 MB of RAM. Do not forget that the software does not work on Windows OS, which are created after "seven". In addition, the program is designed for commercial use. After buying a license and activating the software, you will be able to use additional features. If you do not want to buy the official version of the software, you can test Mach3 in demo mode, evaluating all the features and functions.

Graphical shell

The graphical shell of the program is not simple and contains a lot of buttons. If you are an inexperienced user, and especially if you are not familiar with technical software, you will have to spend time learning the interface. Mach3 does not have Russian language, so knowledge of a foreign language will come in handy to learn the tools. It doesn't matter if you understand this kind of software, you will still have to spend time to understand Mach3. Knowing English will not help you learn this highly specialized software faster. Full-fledged operation of the program will be available only after a thorough study of the functions. To run the software, it is desirable to turn off background programs, optimizing the computer for work. Mach3 program can be run only in the "full screen" mode. The software has a user-friendly interface that allows you to rearrange the panels with different options. Use Mach and generate macros as well as M-codes from VB scripts. The program can perform "adjustments" using multiple levels. If necessary, you will adjust the frequency at which the spindle will rotate. In the software, you can create a tool that manipulates G-codes. This program can import files in JPG, DFX and BMP format. If necessary, you can activate a window that "outputs" a picture from a surveillance camera.


  • there is no Russian localization in the program;
  • software tools are complex, not designed for novice users;
  • flexible shell for the user;
  • you can view the workflow using a video camera;
  • the program works in full screen mode;
  • installation is available only for Windows OS from XP to 7.
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