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Kino Tor

Kino Tor
Category: Services
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 17 799


Kino Tor is an application for the Android platform, thanks to which the user can quickly and easily find sources for downloading interesting videos. Later, the downloaded video can be launched in any third-party application.

What is there in the application?

This product provides the ability to view the built-in catalog with videos, where there are links to torrents that distribute these videos, or links to sites where you can watch videos online. Navigation in the application is as convenient as possible, there is a division into categories by genre of programs. Each category is a huge number of pictures that you can watch. These are both new movies, and old movies that are time-tested. Each movie has the most detailed description, as well as provided with such parameters as its ratings, genre, description of the cast and much more.

Torrents and videos

In order to just watch the selected movie, you need to go to the video tab. There will be several files, which may differ in dubbing or picture quality. Once a specific option is selected, the browser will follow the link and activating the video player on the device itself, will start broadcasting. In order to download the desired video just go to the "torrents" tab, where there will be links to resources where downloading the picture is available. By the way, the links can be easily shared via social networks and messengers, just open in your browser and download through your application. Also, there are magnetic links that will allow you to download the file anyway.


  • Quick search for the desired movie or series;
  • Ability to watch online;
  • Links to torrents for downloading;
  • Work with any player built into the phone;
  • The application is free;
  • Works on any current version of Android.
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