Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 52 784


VIEWCAM is an application for devices running the Android mobile operating system. The program is used to view online broadcasts from a video surveillance camera. A remote control option is also implemented.


To use the application, you need to bind the camera to a smartphone or tablet. Search for available devices for connection can be carried out in automatic mode. If necessary, you can set up the connection in manual mode. You can simultaneously connect several gadgets and view broadcasts from all cameras on one screen. The program also has a full-screen viewing option. Not only the picture is broadcasted, but also the sound.


Users can use special buttons to customize the broadcast parameters. If necessary, it is possible to mute sound and image. The option to create screenshots is implemented. Moreover, it is possible to capture a screenshot both from the live broadcast and from the video, which are stored in the archive. The files are saved in the memory of your tablet or smartphone. You can use various filters to search for the file you need. For example, search for a file by its time or extension. The program allows you to remotely change the broadcast parameters. If necessary, the option to reboot the device is available. Picture quality can also be selected manually. The option of camera rotation angle is implemented. It is also possible to debug the field of view of the camera lenses.


  • The program is distributed on a free basis;
  • View online broadcasts from surveillance cameras;
  • Supports working with multiple devices;
  • The option of remote control of broadcast parameters is implemented;
  • You can take screenshots;
  • The software is compatible with Android devices starting from version 4.1.
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