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System: Android 4.1
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GetsTV is a software for Android TV-based devices that provides access to numerous movies, TV series, TV channels and other applications. After installing the utility on a Smart TV (TV set-top box, decoder or other Android TV-enabled gadget), the user will need to create and activate an account on the developer's website. This will allow unlimited access to the utility's library. The main feature of the software is an extensive range of video content, which is available after activation of the account. Available for viewing in the 24/7 mode are:
  • Full-length movies;
  • Serials (foreign and Russian production);
  • Cartoon tapes;
  • A huge number of federal and foreign TV channels;
  • Other popular IPTV playlists.
It is worth noting that most of the materials are presented in one of three languages:
  • Russian;
  • Ukrainian;
  • English.

Available tools

  • Ability to choose the quality of video or TV channel depending on the speed of the Internet;
  • Supports playback from the last viewed moment;
  • Ability to arrange tags;
  • Availability of autoplay next series and much more.


  • You need to activate your account before you start using it;
  • You can select the playback quality;
  • Each video content contains a brief description;
  • Ability to watch movies, series and TV channels without limits;
  • Supports playback continuation and position memorization;
  • not all movies in the application are presented in HD quality;
  • the ability to select the language of video content voiceover;
  • Availability of paid content marked with the category "18+";
  • The presence of the "Reset Defaults" function, which will return all the settings to their original form;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Distributed under a free license;
  • Supports many devices that run on Android TV platform.
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