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Season Hit

Season Hit
Category: Services
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Season Hit is an app for Android devices that allows you to watch TV series online.


In the base of this application contains a huge number of series, and not only Russian, but also Western. There are even works from South Korea and Turkey, as well as many other countries. Each of the series is translated into Russian, have a multi-voice voiceover, made in most cases, in professional studios. In order to make the interface more convenient for the user, all content is categorized. There are new and popular series in high quality, and there is a page of announcements. There is also a search bar, which will allow you to quickly find the desired series by title or keywords.


The user has quite a lot of options in the application. It is worth mentioning that TV series can be added to favorites - this eliminates the need to search for them in the database every time, just quickly navigating to them. To add a TV series to this category, just click on the heart. Another plus of the application is a built-in player, but for good playback quality you need a stable network connection. There is also a history tab, where you can save recently watched TV series, as well as the episodes you started watching - another way to quickly go to the desired episode of the series. Thus, you can continue watching it from the same place where you had to stop. Settings will allow you to change the appearance of the application at will, as well as make a paid subscription, which will disable advertising, which sometimes appears in the free version.


  • A huge database of TV series from different countries with professional Russian dubbing;
  • Simple and clear interface;
  • Convenient built-in player;
  • Easy orientation in the application and change its appearance;
  • Works on all modern versions of Android.
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