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YouTube Android TV

YouTube Android TV
Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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YouTube Android TV is the official client of the YouTube platform, which is currently the world leader in terms of video content. It is worth noting that every day the total volume of recordings is only growing. The considered version of the software is designed for devices with a large diagonal on the basis of the Android operating system. The service contains a huge amount of video content of various directions and categories - series, clips, movies, records from bloggers and much more. It is worth noting that the owners of channels can monetize them by adding advertising to the beginning of the video.

Adaptation for Android TV

The main feature of the utility is a completely new interface, original to the TV set-top box. This basically implies running the utility on devices whose diagonal is much larger than that of phones and tablets. In addition to the reduced scale of icons and other elements, all navigation in the client is realized under the control of a remote control. It should be noted that there is no support for touch input. Voice search function is implemented, but it can work very unstable without the application "Google Speech Synthesizer".


  • Client of the most popular video hosting service in the world for TV set-top boxes;
  • Access to a huge number of videos;
  • Ability to view blogs, reviews, clips, movies and other content;
  • is oriented for remote control operation;
  • allows you to watch YouTube videos on your TV in streaming format;
  • support for voice-activated search
  • ability to view the category of the most popular videos in the region;
  • no "Watch Later" option and no playback speed control buttons;
  • multi-language interface;
  • presence of advertising content;
  • designed for video playback on large diagonal devices;
  • simple and quite convenient interface;
  • Russian language support;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • O supports all current versions of the Android operating system.
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