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Category: Services
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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FriendMe is a mobile client, the purpose of which is to promote VK social network account. This version of the utility is designed for portable devices based on the Android operating system.

Getting started

The first thing that is required from the user is to pass authorization by means of login data to the VK page. If there is no account in this social network, then the user is invited to register directly through this application. Then it is possible to enter the code of the friend who invited to the application. If there is none, the step can well be skipped. The application also offers to transfer to the channel in Telegram to get additional internal currency, but this is not a mandatory action. The next step is the direct earning of coins, which can be spent on the promotion of the account in VK.


It was mentioned earlier that to promote an account in the social network, internal currency is used, which can be earned in two ways:
  1. By subscribing to pages and communities; Through "Like" to certain publications.
  2. If there is no desire to perform tasks, you can buy coins in the internal market.
Once a sufficient amount of money has been accumulated on the account, users can add a task to get Like or subscribers. The main advantage of the utility is that real people, not bots, subscribe to the account or community. Among other things, the number of unsubscribes is minimal, because the utility has a penalty for this.


  • The ability to make a VK account more popular;
  • The presence of very intrusive advertising content;
  • The possibility of earning and buying internal currency;
  • For unsubscribing from the page or community, the user is penalized by the administration of the utility;
  • The presence of a referral program, which will allow you to additionally earn coins;
  • Distributed under a free license;
  • Support for all current versions of the Android operating system.
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