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BMP Player

BMP Player
Category: Services
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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BMP Player is a utility that allows you to listen to music online. It is possible to download music to the internal memory of your smartphone. This version of the utility is designed for portable devices based on Android OS.


For ease of use, all available content is divided into several categories. Users can familiarize themselves with new songs, as well as the most popular for 24 hours, 7 days or the last month. Among other things, more than 100 different genres of music are realized. The application has a search bar, thanks to which you can find a song by title or artist name. It is worth noting that any track can be added to "Favorites", which allows you to create a personal playlist. To load tracks into the device memory, the user should tap on the corresponding icon. An important fact is that there is no download list in the application. For listening to content online, an extremely simple player is implemented, among the functionality of which you can find:
  • Switching;
  • Rewind;
  • Pause.


It is worth noting that the ad blocks are quite intrusive, but they do not interfere with the free use of the utility. Full-screen banners appear only when you perform any actions, but you can close them instantly.


  • The main purpose of the utility is to listen to music online;
  • There is an extensive library of music content;
  • the ability to download tracks to the internal memory of a portable device;
  • availability of more than 100 different genres of music;
  • the ability to follow the hits rating;
  • Tab "Favorites" allows you to form your own playlist;
  • A convenient player for listening to music online is integrated;
  • Presence of intrusive advertising content;
  • Distributed under a free license;
  • Support for all current versions of the Android operating system.
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