Category: Graphic editors
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 6 846


Prequel is a mobile editor of graphic and video content. The software is designed for portable devices that run on the Android operating system.


This application allows you to use a variety of filters for graphic and video content, including neon, vintage and so on. There is also an option to add manifestation and fade effects. More than 50 professional sets of settings are implemented in the software. Among the additional functionality it is necessary to note the change in the speed of playback of the clip and cropping cu graphic files. All filters are available for use in two modes:
  • real-time;
  • post-processing.
Through this editor you can make adjustments to some elements of appearance, for example, whiten teeth or remove any imperfections from the skin of the face. Among other things, there is an integrated database of music compositions and sounds that suit absolutely any mood. It is worth noting that all audio content can be overlaid on video clips.


To the great regret of users, most of the above functionality will be available only after purchasing the Pro version. To test the utility at their disposal, users get a free trial period of 3 days. But, it should be noted that to activate it, it is necessary to specify payment card details. 24 hours before the end of the trial period will be charged automatically. 199 rubles - that's how much one week of subscription will cost users. In the settings of the application you can disable automatic debiting of the account at any time.


  • Editor for processing graphic and video content;
  • implemented a huge number of different filters;
  • the ability to crop photos and change the speed of playback clips;
  • there is an integrated catalog of music compositions and sounds;
  • most of the functions are available only after purchasing the Pro version;
  • trial period of 3 days is available;
  • support for all current versions of the Android operating system.
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