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Slow Motion Video Editor

Slow Motion Video Editor
Category: Editors
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 932


Slow Motion Editor is an application for Android gadgets, thanks to which video editing became available without professional equipment and computer, and most importantly, in order to edit any video does not require a connection to the Internet - network. Downloading Slow Motion Editor is completely free, however, to get access to the editing functionality you will have to subscribe for a fee. The user can try the functionality of the application during the free period - 3 days, and after that will need to pay 799 rubles per week. The subscription price is quite high, but it is possible to find more functional solutions for video editing on smartphones, which will be either cheaper or generally work on a free model.


Every user has repeatedly encountered on the web with the demonstration of clips in which a great video sequence is shown in slow motion. Thanks to this application, any video shot on the user's smartphone can become the basis for creating a video in slow motion. By the way, another feature of the application is not only slowing down the video sequence, but also accelerating it. In this case, people's voices become quite funny, and can be used to create funny videos. It is worth noting that when changing the playback speed, the application retains the quality of the video at the original level. Another option is to work not only with the video clip that is in the gallery, but also to shoot directly into the application, and then immediately finalize the video to the desired condition.


  • App for video editing - slowing down and speeding up the video sequence;
  • Very expensive paid subscription;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Does not require an internet connection for its operation.

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