Category: Computer-aided design systems (CAD)
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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ArtCAM is a program that provides full-fledged processing of graphics in vector and raster formats. The main function of the software is to create projects in volumetric "relief". The developers of this program - "Autodesk" created an editor that is designed for processing decorative and wooden products, as well as jewelry and furniture with decorative elements. Using this software, you design 2D and 3D models that help in the creation of furniture. Through ArtCAM you will design "products" or "molds" for the furniture, shoe and jewelry industries. In the program, you can make souvenir products or molds that are used in bread making. In ArtCAM you can design plastic packaging of different types. This software works on a conditionally free license. Take advantage of this editor by installing it on your Windows OS computer. If necessary, you will download ArtCAM Free, which is limited in functionality and provides tools for creating 2D graphics. If you install ArtCAM Standard, you can take advantage of advanced tools for creating 3D graphics. For advanced users, there is a "Premium" version, which is equipped with advanced functionality compared to Standard. The program includes different sets of packages and tools. Each package provides a specific function and scope of application. Using ArtCAM Express, you will process 2D or 3D objects, creating small sketches as well as scale models of objects. In the program module, ArtCAM I

Key features

  • the program works on a "trial" license, and some features are paid;
  • this software is not installed on platforms other than OS Windows;
  • there are no auxiliary tools and functions in the trial version;
  • if you are a professional creator, you will have to buy a license;
  • the main part of the program tools is designed for a specialist;
  • users without basic knowledge of 2D and 3D graphics processing will not be able to cope with the program tools;
  • the software is multitasking and allows you to quickly process graphics using tools for 3D models.
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