LDoE Bases

LDoE Bases
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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LDoE Bases is a mobile client that was created by a great admirer of the game Last Day on Earth. The software is created specifically for smartphones and tablets on the Android platform and is not an official client. The main gameplay element is searching for raid bases located in different parts of the game space. Regardless of the base, users receive rewards - items available for use in the game to gain privileges or craft weapons. It is worth noting that for the balance of gameplay, the list of items on the base to be visited is unknown in advance. The main feature of the utility is that it is able to level this problem. If a player is going to raid, he simply has to look up the base's nickname at the location and enter it into the utility. The nickname search will display an accurate list of items that can be found on the base, as well as a small description of them. This approach allows the player to plan in advance the extraction of items of interest, and at any point in the game to assess the rationality of capturing an arbitrary base on the location. Among the features of the utility is also worth noting the lack of need to run the game, if the search through the list of bases was successful - it is enough to open the software and enter nickname. If the user found at least one discrepancy in the description of the base with the actual list of items, it is necessary to write to the developer to correct the information in the software.

Key Features

  • The target audience of the app is Last Day on Earth players;
  • is not official software;
  • ability to view information about any base with a list of items that can be found there;
  • nickname is the only thing needed to search for bases;
  • the software does not require Superuser rights or any connection to the user's account, so there is no need to worry about being banned;
  • the ability to plan raids and decide in advance whether it is worth going to the base;
  • simple and intuitive UI;
  • support service, which fixes the defects noticed by the user;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • minimum system requirements: Android operating system version at least 5.0.
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