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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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CLEO MOD Master is an application for Android gadgets, which contains a large number of unofficial modifications for this incredibly popular game, allowing you to significantly expand its capabilities, in a big way from the standard. Contains more than 2 hundred scripts and mods that will make the passage of the game much more interesting, exciting, and in some cases will allow you to cope with huge difficulties.


The application will give access to a huge number of different mods for the popular game GTA San Andreas, however, the installation of the application does not give a full-fledged installation of all these mods, each of them must be put separately. On the other hand, it allows the user to choose only those of them that really need it. When the mod is selected, it remains to click it and press the installation button that appears. Most often, the installation process lasts no more than a dozen seconds. After the desired mod is placed, you can move on to the game itself, in which he will act throughout the time of its installation, until the player does not remove it.

The main mods

What can give these mods? With their help, the hero can become invulnerable to damage, his appearance can change dramatically, you can even learn teleportation. You can change the view of the game to a first-person view, because initially there is only a third-person version. Also mods will help to save at any point in the location, no longer need to look for save points, change styles of martial arts, you can hire a personal guard and even hold a simulation of the zombie apocalypse. Playing with them will be much more interesting and will allow the player to enjoy unseen before.


  • Unofficial collection of mods for the official client of the game;
  • Each mod requires a separate installation;
  • Introduces additional features in the process of the game;
  • The application does not require payment;
  • Works on any current version of Android.
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