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Category: Services
System: Android 2.3.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 32 325


AdvertApp is an application for making money by installing free applications. This software allows you to install and test applications from Play Market and perform other simple tasks. AdvertApp is suitable for users who want to earn money in a "passive way". If you have a mobile device with OS Android, then the application AdvertApp for you.

Features of work

Before earning money, you must create an account in Google Play, because this software works in "pair" with it. After that, you can earn on testing applications without doing complicated operations and actions.

Order fulfillment

The main function of AdvertApp is to earn money by testing apps. Having installed the client, you can download applications and games to your smartphone, earning money. Although the income is small, it is practically passive. Using AdvertApp in active mode, you will earn a good amount of money, practically without straining yourself. Having installed and launched the client, enter the orders section. Find an order in the list and select your favorite option. The order includes the name of the application that you will install on the mobile device, as well as the amount of earnings. In addition, you will learn the details of the installation and other data about the testing of the application. In some orders, you need to not only install the app and evaluate it. Sometimes you have to leave reviews about it or not uninstall it for a few days after installation. Additional earnings are made through sending a link to the app to your friends. When they download AdvertApp and start using it, you will receive a percentage of the earnings.

Money Withdrawal

AdvertApp, unlike similar software, allows you to withdraw earned money without limiting the minimum amount. You "withdraw" money using electronic wallets WebMoney, QIWI and Money, and you can also replenish your cell phone account.

Key features

  • passive earnings by downloading applications to your smartphone;
  • in the application there is a choice between your own and "partner" orders;
  • full-fledged work with the client is provided after registration in Google-Market;
  • the software has a "referral system", which brings income 10% of the earnings of invited friends;
  • there is no limit on the amount of money withdrawal;
  • money is withdrawn through the payment systems QIWI and Webmoney;
  • there is a withdrawal of money to a smartphone account.
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