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GTA: San Andreas Cheater

GTA: San Andreas Cheater
Category: Utilities for games
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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GTA: San Andreas Cheater is a mobile client that allows you to apply cheat code to the popular game of the same name. This software is designed for portable Android devices. Everything works very simply - before you start the gameplay user needs to enter the cheat code, save it and enjoy the game, but with a character that has passed the upgrade. This approach makes the game much easier, but gameplay without the use of cheat code is much more diverse and looks more intriguing. Portable version of GTA has already installed on their smartphones a huge number of users, but not all of them for a long time to accumulate internal currency and items, because it is much easier to download cheat code and just a couple of taps to make adjustments to the main characteristics of your character and significantly replenish the balance. In fact, the utility consists of a number of categories with settings and triggers to the game. GTA has a terrific army of fans and the portable version of the game in this matter is not lagging behind the desktop. Through this utility gamers get at their disposal the most popular upgrades and bonuses. Before you start using cheat code, in the original version of the game the user needs to create a save. Perform this step can be done in the house of the main character, but it is worth noting that it is not worth overwriting the already available in the slot save, and it is better to use the free space. Then it is necessary to enter the application to enter the cheat code, turn on and set the cheat code to "cheat".

Instructions for using cheat codes in GTA

  1. Go to the program and tap on the key;
  2. Turn on GTA: San Andreas;
  3. In the open game window tap the new "Cheat";
  4. Select the code of interest for use;
  5. Enter it from the keyboard of the portable device;
  6. After the game is over, tap the "Stop Cheater" button.
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