Game Booster

Game Booster
Category: Utilities for games
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Game Booster - speed up the game - a mobile client that is sure to please players, because it can increase the performance of games several times. The utility is able to clean the memory of the portable device, refines characteristic shortcomings in the work of the central processor, through the closure of powerful programs. This utility is designed for portable Android devices. Important! The software does improve FPS, but in fact the user will not notice a visible effect. The effectiveness depends proportionally on how new the model of the portable device is. The process of launching game applications with acceleration is very simple: the user must check the boxes against the corresponding games in the proposed list, then their icons will appear in the context menu. After that, it is necessary to select the software that needs to be accelerated. It is worth noting that Game Booster will speed up not only games, but also other software installed on the device.

Functioning algorithm

As soon as the program is enabled, processes that are not being used by the system at that moment will be instantly disabled. This approach allows you to clear memory and will make the game more efficient and faster. In fact, the user simply selects the necessary software, before running which memory will be cleared, and then the utility will do everything by itself. It is also necessary to add the most energy-consuming software to the list of software with acceleration. Users can view the whole list of accelerated games in the main menu. You can replenish this list by means of the "+" button, which is located at the top of the screen. It is also worth noting the presence of feedback from the developers. It is worth noting that this utility is not able to change the performance in very powerful games, because this kind of software needs a powerful processor and video gas pedal. But at the same time, some users of outdated models of portable devices, speak well of this program.

About the modes of operation

  • Ultra Gaming Mode
This mode allows you to temporarily increase the clock frequency of the CPU. It comes in handy for various tests or powerful gaming software.
  • Hard Gaming Mode
This mode will come in handy for fans of 3D games, as it prevents the smartphone from overheating.
  • Longer Mode
This mode will significantly save battery power. With this mode you can play small arkanoids for a longer period of time while saving battery power.
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