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Category: Photograph
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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PhotoDirector-camera&editor is a mobile client that is a clear and easy-to-use photo editor. With this utility, users can quickly apply a variety of effects to photos. The application contains all the functionality necessary for processing "on the go". The software is designed for portable Android devices. The application implements a huge library of options, with the help of which users can remove defects on photos. It is possible to make saturated and vivid pictures through the following features:
  • removing unwanted objects and other people;
  • color editing;
  • tone correction;
  • loading program presets (one tap required);
  • applying HDR effects;
  • create custom stickers;
  • including text in the frame;
  • applying frames.
Retouching photos through this utility is extremely simple, so it is amenable even to beginners. The program will independently determine and automatically identify all the marks, so the user will not even notice the substitution. Among the possibilities of the utility it is worth noting the imposition of frames in separate stories. All the available functionality allows you to create stunning works that you can safely brag about.

Main features

  • Extremely simple and understandable photo editor;
  • fine-tuning allows you to create more vivid pictures;
  • high-quality white balance correction is implemented;
  • one-tap adjustment of brightness, contrast and saturation;
  • over 40 presets;
  • the ability to upload photos from the device memory or shoot from the camera of a portable device directly in the program;
  • the ability to remove unnecessary objects from the frame without loss of quality;
  • the "Overlap" option, through which you can work with lighting effects;
  • to create contrasting backgrounds and separate landscapes, there is an option to adjust the HDR effect;
  • availability of a package of frames for overlaying;
  • the finished material can be saved in high resolution;
  • Skin Smoothing function, with which you can retouch faces;
  • the ability to send the result to social networks;
  • distributed free of charge, but with limited functionality, which can be expanded by purchasing Premium.
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