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Category: Drawing
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Glitch is a mobile client that is a photo editor. The utility will to some extent become a worthy replacement for more professional editors and will eliminate the need to download graphic content to a PC for retouching. The program is designed for portable Android devices. The developers have equipped the utility with a collection of various filters. After downloading, all filters will appear on the screen in the form of a vertical list. It is worth noting that about half of them are available completely free of charge. You can process both instant photos and those stored in the gallery. All filters are copyrighted. It is also worth noting that each of them contains additional hints for proper use. Users can also utilize changing the spatial orientation of the snapshot. The program implements the "Back" key, through which you can cancel all the manipulations carried out with the photo. It should be noted that there are no other tools in the application, so it does not belong to the category of serious editors. The finished content can be shared in social networks. The appearance of the program is executed in dark colors, and the interface is made laconically. Through this program you can make a real masterpiece even the picture that yesterday wanted to send to the trash. The utility will allow you to make something absolutely nontrivial out of an ordinary photo in just a few seconds. To do this, you will need very little:
  • a few taps on the screen;
  • the photo of interest.
The most interesting thing is that the program does not use standard filters. The basic version of the utility is able to change the user's attitude to the process of processing a photo.

Key features

  • Photo editor, through which you can create gorgeous photos;
  • an extensive set of non-trivial effects, half of which are available for free;
  • simple and clear user interface, fully translated into Russian;
  • the ability to adjust the intensity of the filters yourself;
  • ideal for beginners;
  • ability to share with friends via social networks;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • the application minimizes battery consumption when working in active mode;
  • supports all modern versions of the Android operating system.
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