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Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN
Category: VPN
System: Android 2.3.3
Program Status: Free
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Hideman VPN is a mobile version of the VPN service, which was previously supported only on desktop devices. The smartphone version of the utility has retained all the main advantages of the original. This software is designed for portable Android devices. The main screen is extremely clear, as it contains only the necessary information. In the upper part there is the remaining time, on the right there is a key "+1", by means of which you can add one more hour of VPN operation. Among other things, the screen has information about the user's location: city and real IP address. In the lower part of the screen you can select the connection point or give this right to the utility by enabling the "Automatic" mode, as well as view the current status (enabled/disabled). To connect, you will need to tap the large green-colored key labeled "Connect" and agree. This command allows the application to take all internet traffic. After the connection is successful, the user will receive a message about it, tap on which will allow you to find out the duration of work, the exact number of downloaded packages and their volume. In the free version of the program 30 countries are available. In the software options, the user can independently select the type of connection and the anti-DPI filter mode. The application contains all the simplified settings, so no special skills will be required from the user. All that is required is to connect and sit on the Internet while the meter is counting back. In addition to

Key features

  • Mobile version of the VPN service, which retains all the features of the PC version;
  • to get additional time (no more than 5 hours per week and no more than 2 GB per month), you need to watch a small advertising video content;
  • free version supports servers from 30 countries, and premium offers access to dozens of other servers;
  • full support for the Android operating system Lollipop;
  • encryption of information sent over the Internet;
  • the ability to visit and use blocked web-resources;
  • the ability to delete tracking networks;
  • the ability to hide the real IP address.
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