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Runtastic PRO

Runtastic PRO
Category: Sports and diets
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Runtastic PRO is a mobile client whose target audience is amateur athletes. The version is fully russified and designed for portable Android devices. The utility has an integrated GPS, through which you can track the route of training, and record the results. The program has a fairly extensive functionality. The user can independently choose the type of sport, and the application will automatically include one of its programs to calculate the information of interest. On the screen you can familiarize yourself with such dаta:
  • trajectory traveled;
  • movement speed
  • heart rate;
  • weather conditions.
All routes traveled are saved in "History", and you can see a more complete database in the "Statistics" section. The developers have added a social component to the app. Users can take a break in the process of training and at this moment take photos. All pictures can be sent to social networks. In the utility there is an integrated chat for communicating with associates and acquaintances. The user can enable the geolocation function and his acquaintances will see his location at the moment. Among the interesting features should be noted the presence of audio dubbing of various exercises. Here it is necessary to enter the required interval, after which the voice will voice the result. Integrated counter of calories consumed, the user will always be aware of when it is necessary to eat. The program has a very simple and pleasant user interface. If the user does not know what the weather will be during the workout, you can always activate the "Weatherman" option, which will collect weather data in real time.

Key features

  • Setting up voice communication during workouts: the user can receive voice alerts about the distance traveled;
  • Ability to select, save and view routes;
  • online geolocation monitoring: people close to the user will always know where the user is;
  • availability of a leaderboard;
  • possibility to manage workouts manually;
  • automatic pause of the workout in case of a temporary stop of movement;
  • availability of a personal control panel;
  • synchronization with external heart rate monitoring devices, such as the Runtastic chest heart rate sensor.
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